Father's reflection


Jesus states that he has not come to abolish the old religion, and that religion must go much deeper and be an affair of the heart. He asks for forgiveness and reconciliation when he speaks about leaving a gift at the alter to go for reconciliation. He commends marriage, and faithfulness in marriage. In his views on divorce, He believes in the respect for sexuality. This collection of Jesus sayings forms a background to how he lived his life himself. He lived out these sayings in many of the events of his life, which we hear about on other Sundays. The Sermon on the Mount, of which this is part, is the backdrop to much of Jesus life and mission, a sort of vision statement for his life and ministry.

What is important is the way we live our lives, following Jesus and knowing that all our efforts to live like him are praised and rewarded. Pope Francis says, it is not enough to just respect the commandments and do nothing more.

Christian life is not just an ethical life;

It is an encounter with Jesus Christ.

"They are happy who follow God's law!" (Ps 118:1)