Father's reflection


"You are the light of the world - you are the salt of the earth." These words of Jesus are not addressed privately to the group of his twelve apostles but also directed instead to all his disciples. That this is the case is underlined by the fact that in today's liturgy the Church links this Gospel passage to the first reading from the Prophet Isaiah. There the Lord, speaking through his prophet, addressed not just a special group but the whole people of Israel. "Your light must shine like the dawn-your light must rise in the darkness." 

This means that as disciples of Jesus, we are meant to hear these words as being addressed directly to us, both as individuals, yes, but also as a community of faith. We together are called to be salt for the people of our time. We are called to be present in the midst of our society as community of faith which preserves the integrity and the wholeness of our community, just as salt preserves food from decay. We are meant to be, like added to food, a presence which brings out the best in our society. And we are meant to be like a light shining in the darkness of our society, helping people to find their way to the fullness of life God so deeply desires for all his children.