Father's reflection


Christmas and the Epiphany challenge us to renew our appreciation of the commitment God has made to us by becoming human. In the person and life of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, God had demonstrated beyond all doubt how much he loves us and shares his life with us. God shares his life with us especially through the Church and the sacraments. In the person and life of Jesus Christ, God has embraced human nature completely and he has become one with it.This is the mystery of Christmas and it remains true for all time and for all God's people everywhere.

The Feast of the Epiphany invites us to consider once again the real meaning of Christmas and to respond  accordingly. The wise men, in presenting Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, acknowledged him as saviour of all people. The feast invites us to ask: what gift can we present to Jesus that acknowledges him as our Saviour? Surely the most appropriate gift is striving to live a life that imitates his teaching and example. Therefore, the Epiphany is an ideal time to reflect on the practice of our Christian faith so that, during the coming year, we will "show" the world the glory of the Saviour who has redeemed us from sin and who gives us life through his Church and the celebration of the sacraments.