Father's reflection

27th ORDINARY SUNDAY - Lk 17:5-19

On this 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Holy Mother Church invites us to reflect on one of the most important Christian and theological virtues – FAITH.  It is the foundation of our Christian life. Faith gives us a new vision and version of life.

Without faith, we see only the ugly and dark side of life. Without faith, we remain helpless and slaves to despair and hopelessness. Faith liberates us and helps us to see the power and love of God at work in our lives.

We need faith in order to presevere in good works. We need it in order to remain steadfast during difficult moments in life. We need more faith in order to trust in God’s will and judgement. So, we must humble ourselves each day to say: “Lord, increase our faith.” (Lk 17:5)