Father's reflection

24th Sunday Reflection - Lk 15:1-32

The three parables are raising some questions for us. How could one sheep equal a flock of 99, how can a single coin be as valuable as the other 9? How can a worthless son be so precious in the eyes of the father? Simply because God counts each one of us as totally irreplaceable, equally precious to him.

In the story of the Prodigal Son perhaps there is part of the younger son and the elder son in each of us. We sin; we wander far from God seeking happiness elsewhere. Are we like the elder son, very judgmental and critical of others, refusing to forgive, reconcile or be gentle with the failures and limitations of others? 

The call of course, is to be like the Father who welcomes back the sinning younger son and having thrown a party to celebrate his return goes out to encourage the elder son to join the celebration. What did the elder son do? We have to finish the parable in our lives. Will we end up as the younger son who returned or as the elder son, or allow the attitudes and love of the father to take over more and more in our lives? 

“Loving Father, help me to let go of all in my life that does not reflect your welcome and love for others. Amen”.