Father's reflection

18th ORDINARY SUNDAY - LK 12:13-21

Many Christians have become so attached to the things of this world that we hardly reflect about heaven any more. This is because it has become an ancient tale told by the ignorant, and believed by fools. What Paul advocates for here is a Christ centered life. That is, a life well lived on earth.  A life that will qualify us for the heavenly banquet.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus speaks to us as he did to the man from the crowd: “Watch out and be on your guard against avarice of any kind, for a man’s life is not made more secured by what he owns…” The pursuit of wealth and the pleasures of this world have so blinded us to the reality that we are pilgrims here on earth. Avarice is one of the seven capital sins. It is a sin which makes one become like the material good that one seeks. It is a hidden enemy of every child of God