Father's reflection

17th Ordinary Sunday : Lk 11: 1-13
The teaching of Jesus concerning prayer is not so much about getting the results we want. Neither is it a matter of saying a set prayer or reciting a written formula, in the way that the Scribes and Pharisees relished in doing.
Rather, for Jesus, prayer has to do with our relationship with God our Abba and how that relationship is oriented and nurtured. In other words, like Abraham who was changed by his prayer to God, prayer puts us at God’s disposal. It changes our minds, our attitudes and the way we live. 
The biographer of St Francis wrote that he became one with Christ. He did not merely pray as much as transformed himself into a living prayer. That is the essence of Jesus’ teaching on prayer.
In the Our Father, Jesus situates our concerns in the larger context of the Kingdom and its values.