Father says......

16th ORDINARY SUNDAY - Lk 10:38-42
Mary in the Gospel today is of the contemplative life, as she sits down attentively listening and learning from Christ and find deeper meaning in his teaching
Without attention to prayer we soon run the risk of having entered into our minds and hearts criteria and interests that are very far from the heart of Christ whom we should desire to emulate.
 However in this perspective we are also challenged by the fact that our love must also become incarnate in whatever we do to meet the needs of others. 
That is, Martha and Marywork and contemplation, prayer and service. Listening and doing. 
In short we need to have a balance between service and contemplation. Good disciple prays and serves. There is no option between active apostolic life and contemplative life because they are not in opposition with each other but of complementary. We need the two in our lives as Christians, it is not only because Jesus needs listeners, but He also needs doers!